Smaller Funders' network meeting - 10 ‘pillars of practice’

Smaller Funders’ network meeting and 10 ‘pillars of stronger practice’ report launch


This event marks the launch of ACF’s new report setting out ‘10 Pillars of Stronger Practice' for Smaller Foundations. The event will form part of the next Smaller Funders Network meeting which will take place online on 25 November 2021. Any ACF member is welcome to join this network meeting – you do not have to already be a member of the Smaller Funders Network to attend.



Convenors: Danielle Howes, Hazel Capper & Johanna Tompsett

The new report highlights 10 ‘pillars of practice’ from the Stronger Foundations initiative that smaller funders may be particularly well-placed to pursue, whatever their remit, staffing level, or operating model. The pillars were selected with input from ACF’s Smaller Funders Network. We hope this new resource will be supportive and inspiring for smaller funders, particularly their trustees, and that it prompts useful discussions The report also recognises the vital contribution of smaller funders to the foundation sector, and their invaluable impact within civil society.

The report launch event will be an opportunity for all ACF members to discuss the report and its 10 pillars in detail with peers, hear from smaller funders pursuing ambitious practice and share your own experience.  

About Stronger Foundations

This is the latest report in ACF’s Stronger Foundations series. During 2019-20, ACF worked with over 100 foundation representatives across six working groups focused on issues as wide-ranging as diversity, impact, transparency, investment, strategy, and funding. This culminated with the publication of six thematic Stronger Foundations reports, which between them set out 40 ‘pillars of practice’ that identify how foundations can be ambitious and effective with all their resources. Since then, a cross-cutting themes report and a ’10 pillars of practice for foundation chairs’ has been published, as well as a self-assessment tool that has been used more than 100 times by ACF members in the last year.

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Please note that this event might contain discussions of sensitive topics or information. 

11/25/2021 11:00 AM - 1:00 PM
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